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The exploitation of the BASH bug, now widely referred to as “Shellshock”, is in full swing. Attackers have mobilized—multiple proof-of-concept scripts are available, including a Metasploit module, making this vulnerability very accessible. The ease of exploitation, the simplicity of the vulnerability, and the extremely widespread install base of BASH, make this bug so deadly—and shows why enterprises need to apply patches as soon as possible. We have observed a significant amount of overtly malicious traffic leveraging BASH, including


  • Malware droppers


  • Reverse shells and backdoors


  • DDoS

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Re: Bug Shellshock Sedang Mengancam

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Ngeriiiii virus ini kalau gak salah mencuri semua data yang ada di komputer

Ikuti dan terapkan tips hilangkan nervous supaya anda lebih percaya diri