Topic: Renovation construction

Renovation construction: let PANHOO ground special moisture-proof liquid to help you prepare moisture-proof In addition to material selection should pay special attention to the construction process should also be done moisture-proof preparation. When transporting materials to try to choose when the weather is fine, if it is raining, the material should be protected with plastic film. If the material has been on the wave should not be used, avoid using it after drying. Construction sites use plate, padded with wooden, can not be directly on the ground, but can not be placed on the kitchen, Wei, balcony and other parts of the tide. In the construction of the ground wall, the concrete base moisture barrier to use PANHOO special surface anti-dampproof liquid do not province, after the completion of attention to ventilation, strive for maximum drying. In addition, the wall moisture treatment can be selected after the lining of cloth, to ensure that the wall will not crack. Shop floor before the wooden floor, it must be protected by the PANHOO ground moisture system, it is best to use moisture-proof liquid to do waterproof moisture treatment. The normal procedure is: All pending construction surfaces must be cleaned to ensure that no dust, dirt, organic resin, paint, etc. affect the product in-depth pollutant attachment.
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